Open Letter from the President

June 4, 2020

Open Letter from President Alysia Johnston


Dear Fort Scott Community College Family;


I feel compelled to say something concerning my thoughts on the tragic and senseless death of Mr. George Floyd. I watched the video of his homicide with a sense of disbelief, anger, and sorrow. I could not help but think of how difficult this must be for our FSCC family members of color that have undoubtedly endured racial injustice.  Racism and prejudice are not experiences I can speak to from my life experiences; however, I can listen and learn from the experiences of our students, faculty, and staff of color on how to help ensure all individuals are valued and can reach their goals at FSCC. I plan to assemble a task force consisting of FSCC individuals who can speak from experience and guide us on strategies to address racial inequities at FSCC.


 “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” –Martin Luther King, Jr. stated this more than 60 year ago, yet we still have systemic injustice based on the color of skin. We do not all share the same backgrounds, and we have walked many paths to FSCC, but we must respect others diversity and learn from cultural differences if we are to have an institution that attains its mission of diversity and inclusion.


If you need emotional support or just someone to talk with, please reach out to our advising office and they will direct you to resources that will allow you to address your concerns and feelings. It is important you take care of yourself and acknowledge your feelings in these uncertain times.


As your FSCC College President, I am committed to our Core Values that include providing opportunities in a supportive, safe environment, and a focus on relationships and experiences that value students, community, and employees while fostering an inclusive and diverse environment. I am passionate that my job is to help ensure everyone in our FSCC family has an opportunity to achieve their goals.


I encourage all of us to speak out against racism, injustice, and individual wrongs when you encounter them. We must take care of each other to achieve our individual goals and dreams.


“Achievement has no color.” –Abraham Lincoln


Be safe and stay well.


Alysia Johnston