Code of Conduct

At Fort Scott Community College, we believe the college recruitment process should be an enjoyable experience free from pressure or deceptive tactics.  Ethical practices are the main priority when helping students find their next step.  At Fort Scott Community College, we are committed to promoting fairness and transparency in all aspects of the enrollment process.   

The FSCC Admissions, financial aid, and other recruiting staff commits to the following practices:

  • Ensure all recruiting information provided to our prospective students is up to date and accurate provided with a high quality of service.
  • FSCC will practice fair and impartial recruitment practices. 
  • FSCC commits to treat students ethically, respectfully and professionally in the marketing, recruiting, admissions and financial aid process so that students can make informed enrollment decisions regarding their future Students should at no time feel pressured to enroll or commit to FSCC by anyone at the institution.
  • All FSCC recruiting, admissions and financial aid personnel have appropriate education, job titles, and skills for their role and are overseen by FSCC.
  • FSCC promptly honors any request from a student to remove their contact information from all contact lists. Student information collected through any aspect of the institution’s enrollment processes is maintained and protected with high respect for student privacy.
  • FSCC complies with expectations established through the Higher Learning Commission related to the publication of student achievement data.
  • All admissions officers, financial aid officers, and other recruiters will at no time will complete applications for students without student permission or apply the signature of a student to an application.
  • Students have the right and responsibility to register for each academic term in which they are eligible to enroll. FSCC does not automatically register any student in the next term without that student’s affirmative consent to such registration or the opportunity for the student to cancel that registration before the student is assessed tuition or fees for that term.
  • FSCC ensures that each student has been granted sufficient time to review the policies and procedures and to fully understand the amount of federal, state and institutional financial aid they are eligible to receive.
  • FSCC has a refund policy to assure that students receive a refund where appropriate if they withdraw from an academic term or from an institution according to policies set forth by the institution. This policy will be communicated to each student at the institution.