FSCC hosts more online courses for high school students

August 10, 2015

Fort Scott, KS- Beginning in the fall of 2015, Fort Scott Community College will be hosting online classes for high school students. FSCC’s online increase is part of larger plans to offer more courses and to enhance opportunities for high school students.


FSCC has reserved online sections of American Government, Environmental Life Science, English 101, General Psychology, Music Appreciation, Public Speaking, Theatre Appreciation, and U.S. History 101 for interested high school students. Interested students will need to fill out a free application to FSCC and speak to Admissions.


Regena Lance, Dean of Instruction, said, “FSCC has set out to provide as many possibilities as we can for high school students.


High school students living in Bourbon County may qualify for a one class tuition waiver. The waiver does not cover fees or books and interested students will need to apply for the waiver through admissions.


Lance adds, “Online courses will allow high school students to earn college credit at home, during study halls or in classrooms devoted to students taking diverse online courses.”


High school students interested in taking one or more of the reserved online courses should contact FSCC Advising at 620-223-2700 or (800-874-3722 and extension 3630. High school students interested in working on online courses during their regular schedule should contact their high school counselor.


Visit here to learn more about what is being offered. The classes discussed in this article are highlighted as “high school students only.”

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