Concurrent Enrollment Program

Fort Scott Community College’s concurrent enrollment program allows high school students to get a head start on their college career by earning high school and college credit simultaneously. Classes are held at the high school campus during regular school hours and are taught by FSCC-approved high school instructors. Tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade high school students, or students who are in ninth grade and in the gifted program, may enroll in classes and earn college credit.

Dates and Deadlines

Last Day for pre-enrollment- August 24th   

This is the last day to apply online and pre-enroll in the classes you wish to get college credit for.

Last day to submit high school transcripts or ACT/Accuplacer scores– 24th  

Students wanting to enroll in English 101 or College Algebra must send their high school transcripts or ACT/Accuplacer scores to FSCC by this date.

Payment due- Payment is due by October 30th  

If not paid by October 30th a Business Office hold is placed on a student’s account due to an outstanding balance. This hold will essentially freeze the student’s account preventing registration of additional classes, transcript requests, etc. All outstanding amounts due to the college must be paid before further registration is permitted. The holds are released when payment is received.

Year-long courses

For a course that spans the entire school year, such as a science course, half of the charge is due by each semester’s due date.

Last day to drop a class and receive a refund- September 5th     

After this date, you will no longer be eligible for a refund for classes starting in fall.

Last day to drop a class without receiving a refund- September 10th   

This is the last day to drop a class, but no refund will be issued.

Withdrawals begin – September 11th   

Withdrawals begin.  Students will no longer be able to “drop.”  Students will have a “W” on their transcript and will still owe tuition/fees.  A “W” does not impact GPA.

Last day for withdrawal- November 24th 

After this date, students will receive the grade earned throughout the term and it will be the grade that will appear on their final transcript.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am a high school student; can I enroll in concurrent classes?

Yes, if you are a junior, you can enroll in concurrent classes and earn both high school and college credit.

Q. How do I receive college credit for the classes I am taking while I am in high school?

You need to apply to FSCC. Fill out your demographic information. Click on Pre-enroll now and select the classes you wish to earn college credit for which are offered through your school.

Q. Why do I need an FSCC ID and Pin?

The ID and PIN allow you to log into GIZMO in the Student Portal, enroll in classes, and view your schedule, final grades, and account balance.

Q. I do not have an FSCC ID; how do I get one?

The first time you apply online, you will receive an FSCC ID and you will be asked to choose a PIN for your student account. PRINT THE PAGE AND SAVE FOR YOUR RECORDS.

Q. I don’t remember my ID or PIN; how do I get a new one?

If you don’t remember your FSCC ID or PIN, call the advising office at 620-223-2700, ext. 3630.

Q. I have an FSCC ID and PIN; do I need to apply online again?

No, you do not need to apply again. You can just pre-enroll through GIZMO with your ID and pin.

Q. I would like to add or remove a course that I pre-enrolled in. How do I do that?

You can add or change a course by logging into GIZMO through the Student Portal.

Q.  Do I need to take ACT/ACCUPLACER test even though I am taking one class?

You do not need an ACT/ACCUPLACER score for the first 6 credit hours unless you are taking English, Math or Physical Science class.

Q. How do I take the ACCUPLACER test?

You can make an appointment by calling the Fort Scott campus at 620-223-2700 ext. 4410 or 4300 or the Miami County Campus at 913-294-4178.

Q. I want to pre-enroll, but I have a hold on my account. What do I do?

Contact the business office at 620-223-2700, ext. 5090 or ext. 5120, or email Amber Patrick at to take care of the hold before you can pre-enroll.

Q. I am a high school student how do I pre-enroll for evening classes at FSCC Miami County Campus?

You can pre-enroll by completing the paper enrollment form, having your principal sign it, and submitting the form to FSCC Miami County Campus. Paper enrollment forms are only accepted for evening classes if they are being held at the campus other than high school.


Q. I pre-enrolled in some courses, but I don’t see them on my schedule in GIZMO.

When you pre-enrolled, you were added to the wait list. After we verify your prerequisites (ACT/ACCUPLACER scores) and receive your principal’s approval, you would be enrolled in the classes. At that point you will be able to see them in GIZMO.

Q. If I move out of the area and/or cannot complete my concurrent class, what should I do?

You must fill out an FSCC Change of Schedule form, which can be obtained from the FSCC Registrar’s office. You can contact the Registrar’s office at 620-223-2700, ext 3580 or 3560. Failure to withdraw from the college class may result in a failing grade on your permanent college transcript.

Q. When I complete a concurrent class, how will my grade be recorded at FSCC, and how do I request my official transcript? 

Your grade will be recorded on an official FSCC transcript. To request an official transcript, click here.

Q. If I decide to attend FSCC after I graduate from high school, will my concurrent courses count towards graduation at FSCC?


Q. Will my credits transfer to colleges and universities other than FSCC?

The Kansas Board of Regents has approved 70 courses for guaranteed transfer. A student who completes one of these courses at any Kansas public university, community college, or technical college can be certain that he or she can transfer it to any other Kansas public postsecondary institution offering the course. The course equivalency guide can be found at:

Since students attend institutions throughout the country, we cannot give an unqualified “yes” answer, as each institution sets its own policy for accepting transfer credits. You must request official copies of your FSCC transcript be sent to the institution you are planning to attend so they can evaluate transferability.

Q. If I attend a college or university other than FSCC, how do I get my FSCC transcript sent?

By completing a transcript request form. For more information, please refer to our Transcript Information page.

Q. Will earning college credits while in high school have any effect on college scholarship possibilities?

Possibly. At some colleges, if you have earned more than 12 college credits, your college GPA rather than your high school GPA will be used in awarding scholarships.  It is also possible that your scholarship or financial aid could be impacted if you withdraw from concurrent classes.  For more information, contact the financial aid office at the college or university you plan to attend.

 Kansas legislation regarding concurrent enrollment (sometimes referred to as “dual” enrollment) allows eligible secondary school students the opportunity to earn college credit while enrolled in an equivalent class at the secondary site.

 K.S.A. 2000 Supp. 72-11a01 through 72-11a05: The Kansas Challenge to Secondary School Pupils Act.

 KBOR Policy and Procedures IV.8: Concurrent Enrollment of High School Students In Eligible Public Postsecondary Institutions.  (6-11-2008)

Q. If I decide during the second semester that I would like college credit for a first semester course in which I was not enrolled, can I enroll retroactively?

No. You must enroll in the college class during the first two weeks of the semester.

Q. Do I have to pay for college classes taken concurrently at the high school?

Yes. For the current FSCC Tuition and Fees schedule, contact us.

Excel in CTE Initiative

Under the Excel in CTE Initiative, Kansas high school juniors and seniors can qualify for free college tuition for approved technical courses offered at Kansas technical schools and community colleges.

In addition to assisting students, Excel in CTE Initiative also provides several funding incentives to local school districts. FSCC has partnered with several area high schools to provide more qualifying vocation programs. For a complete list of Excel in CTE Initiative classes* offered at Fort Scott Community College, go to our Online Schedule and select the Excel in CTE eligible classes only under the drop down menu for course type.

* Excel in CTE Initiative eligible classes are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Additional information

  • Eligibility – To be eligible for Excel in CTE Initiative credits, a student must be a Kansas resident and graduation date is after the start of an Excel in CTE Initiative course.
  • Additional Fees not covered by the Excel in CTE Initiative – Excel in CTE Initiative credit does not apply to additional lab fees, allied health fees, or manicuring kit fees on qualifying courses.  These charges will still be owed.
  • Credits for Excel in CTE Initiative eligible courses – credits will be posted to student accounts by October 31 and March 31 for courses that start at the beginning of each semester.  If you would like to make a payment earlier and are unsure what your required payment will be, please contact the FSCC Cashier’s Office 620-223-2700, ext. 5090 or 5120 or email Amber Patrick at


FSCC has adopted multiple placement measures to help students select the most appropriate English and Math courses for their educational goals.

All degree-seeking students and students enrolling in English or Math courses must provide their high school transcript (or applicable GED scores) as the primary document for determining placement. Placement scores from a testing instrument approved by the college (ACT, SAT, or ACCUPLACER) may be used as a secondary placement tool. Students will need to take a placement test if their high school transcript or GED Test Scores are not considered valid. Any tool used for placement must be completed within the previous three years.

CourseScores (using subject area GPA ONLY)
English 101:Subject area GPA 3.0 or higher
College Algebra:Subject area GPA 3.0 or higher
Calc. with Analytical Geometry:Successful completion of College Algebra & Trig. or a minimum of 24 on math ACT
Trigonometry:Successful completion of College Algebra (with a grade of C or better)
General Chemistry I:GPA 3.0 or higher in Math courses (eligible for College Algebra)
College Physics I non Calc:Successful completion of both College Algebra & Trig (with a grade of C or better) 

Steps to Enroll

Receive college credit

Students do not receive college credit solely by attending a high school course. To get college credit for high school classes, students are REQUIRED to:

  • Apply to FSCC online at
  • Pre-enroll in classes
  • Take the ACT/ACCUPLACER test (for English 101 or College Algebra)
    Prior to enrolling in College Physics I: Non-Calculus, the student is required to have taken or be enrolled in College Algebra.
  • Submit full payment (tuition and fees) to FSCC

Steps to enroll

If you have not applied to FSCC yet, please click here to complete the application first. Please note: you only have to apply to FSCC once in order to enroll, regardless of which classes you’d like to take. If you have already applied to FSCC, enroll by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the FSCC Student Portal.
  2. Log in to GIZMO with your FSCC ID and password.
  3. Hover over Registration/Enrollment on the navigation bar and select Add/Drop Courses from the dropdown.
  4. Once on the Add/Drop Courses page, select a term and location to search. Click Submit
  5. Pre-enroll in the courses you wish to take by clicking the Pre-enroll button next to the courses.
  6. Provide FSCC with a copy of your ACT or ACCUPLACER test scores, or make an appointment to take the ACCUPLACER test. To schedule an appointment, call the Fort Scott campus at 620-223-2700, ext. 4410 or 4300 or call the Miami County Campus at 913-294-4178.
  7. You will be enrolled in the class after FSCC receives approval from your high school principal.
  8. Make your payment to FSCC: cash, check, money order, VISA, Master, and Discover cards are accepted. You can also make a payment online or set up an online payment plan.

Tuition and Fees

Concurrent students pay the same tuition and fees as on-campus students. Tuition and fees* are $108 per credit hour for Bourbon County residents and $111 per credit hour for all other Kansas residents.  

Bourbon County Residents

  • 3 credit hour class: $324
  • 5 credit hour class: $540

High School/Concurrent (Outside of Bourbon County)

  • 3 credit hour class: $333
  • 5 credit hour class: $555

*Tuition and fees are subject to change

Payment Methods

  1. Checks made payable to Fort Scott Community College.
  2. Online Credit card payment (There is a $2.00 fee for this service.)
    1. Log into student GIZMO account.
    2. Account balance information box.
    3. Choose make payment.
    4. Make credit card payment.

For questions regarding payment, contact FSCC Cashier’s Office at 620-223-2700, ext. 5090 or ext. 5120 or Amber Patrick at