Tri-State CAMP

The goal of CAMP is to help students succeed in completing their first year of college.

The CAMP grant began funding in 1972.  It is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Migrant Education.  It now serves approximately 2,400 students each year.  Over 75% of students in CAMP graduate with a bachelor degree.

Tri-State CAMP began in 2011 and is 100% funded by the U.S. Department of Education and the Office of Migrant Education. The 2023-2024 grant award is $473,990.

CAMP Eligibility Requirements

A student is eligible for CAMP if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • You, your parent(s) / spouse, or guardian(s) have engaged in migrant or seasonal farm work for at least 75 days within the last 24 months; or,
  • You have been eligible for the Title 1C Migrant Education Program; or,
  • You have qualified for the National Farmworker Jobs Program [NFJP] (Workforce Investment Act [WIA] 167)


  • Must have high school diploma or GED, and
  • Must be either a United States citizen or a permanent legal resident eligible for federal public benefits.
  • Must enroll as a full time freshman level student (12 credit hours)  

*Due to federal funding, CAMP cannot accept undocumented students. We strongly support undocumented students and encourage you to use other resources available on campus.

Tri-State CAMP Campuses

Tri-State CAMP has four partner college sites.

In addition to Tri-State CAMP staff located in Fort Scott, Kansas, each partner site will be staffed with a tutor/mentor who will meet with students to discuss issues relating to school performance, need for tutoring, demands of college life, and instructor feedback.  Fort Scott staff will make regular visits to each campus.

Tri-State CAMP Services

Our staff wants to assist you in any way we can.  This may include assistance with applying for colleges, applying for financial aid, and finding housing while in college. 

Academic Advising Career/Counseling

Our goal is to provide services that will lead to improvement in employment skills. Our staff is ready to help you identify your career goals, align courses to your career and personal interests, and explore career options. Our staff will also provide coping strategies for new life experiences, interpersonal skills, problem solving, decision making skills, self-confidence, and poise.

Cultural Activities/Campus Visits

We hope each of our students leaves our program with a broader understanding of worldly culture.  To make this possible, each site attends cultural activities that promote unique experiences for our students.

One of our goals is for each student to continue to a 4-year college after their first two years.  We provide our students with the opportunity for campus visits during the student’s freshman year.

Health Services

At present, all requests for health screenings or needs should be discussed on an individual basis with CAMP staff.

  • Students can be reimbursed up to $200 per academic year for health service (dental, vision, walk-in clinic, etc.)

Mentoring Program/Student Advocacy

Each site is equipped with a mentor to help our students succeed, not only in CAMP, but in life.  This mentor will meet with the students (at least) once a week for one hour. 

Personalized Tutoring

Each site has a tutor who assists students in classwork, helps them reach personal goals, and holds them accountable for maintaining/exceeding a 2.0 GPA. CAMP tutor meets with the students (at least) once a week for one hour.

Transportation, Childcare, Stipends, Laptop, Scholarship

  • Each student is guaranteed a $40 monthly stipend for incidental purchases. 
  • Students can be reimbursed for child care during the times the student is attending college classes, maximum $50/week.  Tri-State CAMP cannot hire or pay child care providers directly.  Each student is responsible for hiring their own child care provider.
  • Students will receive a transportation stipend each semester to assist with gas expenses.
  • Students who do not have a meal plan will receive a $50 monthly meal stipend.
  • Students are loaned a new laptop, with the opportunity to earn it.
  • Students may be eligible for a scholarship of up to $1000 per semester (evaluated on a student-by-student basis).

Transitional Services for Continuing CAMP Students

We want to help make the transition into the students’ following years a smooth one. To do this, Tri-State CAMP’s staff will contact students to follow up on their journey. 

Tri-State CAMP Steps to Apply

There are a few steps that you will need to take before applying for CAMP. 

  1. Check with Tri-State CAMP staff to see if you are eligible.
  2. Apply for government financial aid online at 
  3. Apply at one of the four colleges where Tri-State CAMP services are offered.
  4. Apply for CAMP online HERE

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