Ride into a New Career with Harley-Davidson

November 20, 2017

The FSCC Harley-Davidson program opens doors to many opportunities. From basic motorcycle mechanics to understanding the fundamentals of owning your own shop. There are two options to the Harley Davidson program; general certificate or a full associates degree. The HD program has two start dates, fall and spring. Enrollment for the HD program is now open and you can contact advising to get started at 620.223.2700 ext. 3630. To take a tour of the facility or for more information on the Harley Davidson program, please contact Judy Meister at 620.704.5905 or Nacoma Oehme at 620.231.3819. You can also visit our FSCC site at fortscott.edu/harley. 

Our goal is for all students to be not only equipped with the knowledge needed for entry level placement, but also gain the soft skills needed to excel in the world of Harley-Davidson. There are many exciting career opportunities within the Harley-Davidson Dealership Network including entry-level technician, service writer, parts associate, parts manager, or service manager. 


FSCC Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Technician Training Center

274 North Industrial Drive

Frontenac, Ks.