FSCC to offer tuition waiver for one class to Bourbon County Residents

July 24, 2015

Fort Scott, KS- Fort Scott Community College is pleased to announce a trial tuition waiver exclusively for Bourbon County residents taking classes on the Fort Scott campus.  FSCC will waive the tuition costs for any Bourbon County resident that takes one of the 56 classes (see sidebar) guaranteed to transfer to any public college or university in Kansas.


President Alysia Johnston said, “FSCC has a long tradition of transfer agreements with other Kansas schools, but the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) has formalized that these 56 courses are the same at any school in Kansas.”


The Kansas Board of Regents website states, “The Kansas Board of Regents has now approved 56 courses for guaranteed transfer among all Kansas public postsecondary institutions.  A student who completes these courses at any Kansas public community college, technical college, or university can be certain that he or she can transfer that course to any other public institution in Kansas in pursuit of a degree or credential.”


Under the KBOR agreement, if a student takes College Algebra at FSCC, it counts as College Algebra at Pitt State, the University of Kansas or any other Kansas public college or university a student may wish to attend.  FSCC still has several other transfer agreements, but this covers all students, even the ones that do not complete programs.


If a Bourbon County resident would like to take College Algebra this fall, the college would waive the tuition costs –a savings of $150 for three credit hours.  Students would still need to pay for fees and books.


Kansas state statute prohibits community colleges from the scholarship or waiver of fee costs.  Fee costs generally pay to support infrastructure, class materials and other direct costs to the college.


Also, book costs are through an outside corporation, Follett.  FSCC outsources the management of the bookstore to Follett to lower the college’s overhead each semester.  Follett is responsible for the purchase of textbooks for hundreds of FSCC students each fall.


Johnston adds, “The citizens of this county obviously give the most to support FSCC.  It is entirely appropriate that we mobilize our current resources to their benefit.”


Robert Goltra, Dean of Students, says “A hometown community college is a great resource for a lot of different prospective students.  We hope our one class tuition waiver will attract potential students unsure if college is the right fit for them.”


Goltra adds, “Students attending other universities may also be attracted to the additional experience our instructors bring to difficult courses.  Four-year universities depend on fresh graduate assistants to teach a lot of difficult, anxiety-causing material, such as the hard sciences, mathematics and even public speaking.” 


“Our instructors have years of experience teaching their subject.  If you have struggled in a subject, FSCC offers a more student-friendly environment.”


Potential students interested in taking more than one class should visit with Admissions.  More substantial scholarships for Bourbon County residents and other financial aid opportunities continue to be available.


Students currently enrolled may be eligible for the scholarship if they are not already receiving other scholarships.  Concurrent and SB 155 classes are not eligible for this waiver.


Students interested in attending FSCC under this waiver or in general should contact Admissions at 223-2700 x.3520 or x.3520.  Any of FSCC’s Admissions representatives will be able to assist potential students enroll for one class or many.  You can also apply for admission here!




The List of Classes Approved for the Waiver

A few of the classes approved with KBOR are not offered this fall.  You can also visit the Course Schedule to see all classes offered this fall!



Acting I (DRA 1013)

Acting II (DRA 1023)

American Government (POL 1013)

Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 1255)

Art Appreciation (ART 1053)

Biology (BIO 1215)

Calculus I (MAT 1015)

Chemistry I (CHEM 1015)

College Algebra (MAT 1083)

Developmental Psychology (PSY 1023)

Elementary Statistics (MAT 2253)

English 101 (ENG 1013)

English 102 (ENG 1023)

Fundamentals of Physical Science (PHS 1215)

General Literature (ENG 2293)

General Psychology (PSY 1013)

Introduction to Computer Science (COM 1053)

Macroeconomic (ECON 2023)

Microeconomics (ECON 1023)

Music Appreciation (MUSI 1023)

Music Theory (MUSI 1013)

Nutrition (NUT 1213)

Physics I (PHS 2065)

Public Speaking (SPE 1093)

Religions of Mankind (REL 1093)

Social Problems (SOC 1023)

Sociology (SOC 1013)

Stagecraft (DRA 1053)

Theatre Appreciation (DRA 1313)

United States History 101 (HIS 1013)

United States History 102 (HIS 1023)

World Regional Geography (GEO 1023)