May 4, 2020

Date: May 4, 2020

Time: 12:15 P.M.

RE: FSCC novel coronavirus, COVID-19 update


We are beginning to phase in our new normal at FSCC and I want to say thank you to our students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders for your efforts, expertise, patience, and dedication transitioning to online learning and remote work. I truly appreciate all you have done to meet our FSCC mission that provides affordable, academic, technical, and occupational programs.


Regardless of what our new normal looks like, I am confident we will continue to meet student needs with high quality educational programs, as well as robust athletic and co-curricular programs. The good news is we have become better at delivering education in an online format and have developed critical polices and protocols on how to help keep our college and community members safe and healthy.


The June 2020 summer school session will change from face-to-face classes to an online format, with the exception of our John Deere Technician Training program. The determination to move classes beginning in the July 2020 summer session from face-to-face to online will be made in the next couple of weeks. We will update you as soon as we have more information. If you have questions concerning summer school, your schedule, or would like to schedule an appointment to enroll please contact advising@fortscott.edu 


Fort Scott Community College students who are currently enrolled for the Spring 2020 semester may qualify for COVID-19 emergency relief funds. The Federal CARES Act may provide students with emergency financial aid grants to help cover expenses related to the disruption of campus operations and ensure students are able to continue their education. To apply for FSCC Emergency Relief funds please submit the application at: FSCC COVID-19 Student Emergency Relief Grant Application


If you have any questions regarding the FSCC COVID-19 Student Emergency Relief Grant, please contact us at studentcares@fortscott.edu. 



Updated information:


Continue remote work through May 17th.


Begin our summer work schedule (minimal staffing on Fridays). Our first Friday of summer hours will be May 22.


Allow student tours by appointment only on June 1.


Our goal as of today is to have face-to-face courses, and also have students in the dorms when the fall semester begins. However, we continue to evaluate both fall and July courses to determine the appropriate modality.


June summer school classes will be moved from face-to-face to an online format (with the exception of John Deere Technician Training)


Current FSCC Spring 2020 students may apply for Emergency Relief Funds at: FSCC COVID-19 Student Emergency Relief Grant Application


The last day for withdrawals has moved from May 1 to May 8.


Enrollment is open. Please encourage students to contact advising to schedule an appointment to enroll advising@fortscott.edu


Online tutoring will be available for students via Zoom or email. Please contact Susan Benson at susanb@fortscott.edu for any tutoring needs.


Students desiring to setup a payment plan for an outstanding balance, need to access their Gizmo account and click the link located in the “Account Balance Information” section.


We are developing a plan to recognize graduates from this spring at a special fall commencement ceremony. More information regarding this will be released at a later date.


Craw-Kan is providing free wi-fi to locations in our region. Here is a link to the map https://ckt.net/hotspots/




For students without readily available internet access, please contact your local area internet service and cellular service providers. Many companies are working with students during this time to ensure access to internet services. If this is unsuccessful, please contact Janet Fancher (janetf@fortscott.edu) or Adam Borth (adamb@fortscott.edu).



Updated Closures


The Bookstore, Library, Computer Labs, and Student Success Center will be closed until at least May 18.



Advising and Enrollment:


Fall enrollment is open and advising will be assisting students via phone appointments and email. To schedule an appointment please contact via email:


·         Russ Souza (russellso@fortscott.edu)

·         Ashley Keylon (ashleyk@fortscott.edu)

·         Quentin Choice (quentinc@fortscott.edu)


You may call 620.223.2700, ext. 3630 and leave a detailed message, including name, student ID (if applicable), and contact information.




Stay safe and healthy,


Alysia Johnston, FSCC President


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