Construction Trades


At FSCC, students can expect to be educated by trained instructors who have not only taught the trades, but are well-known professionals in their trades. Instructors teach in the classroom and in labs for hands-on learning with tools of the trade. The curriculum has been developed by the National Center for Construction Education and Research. Upon completion of the classes, students will earn recognized credentials for that specific trade, which will be entered into a national registry that is portable and available to contractors.

FSCC’s Construction Trades program is unique due to its 2 + 2 program with Pittsburg State University. A student can start in this program as early as junior and senior year of high school earning college credit toward their degree. The student could earn his or her associate of applied science degree at FSCC and then transfer to Pittsburg State University. Students who follow the 2 + 2 program will not have to duplicate coursework in any of the three phases of their education.


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