Taxpayer Transparency Information

Taxpayer & Student Transparency Data

Guarantee Course Transfer List

*Tuition & Fees Cost (per credit hour)

Effective 2023 – 2024  Academic Year

Kansas ResidentTuitionFeesTotal
Bourbon County$47.00**$61.00$108.00
High School/Concurrent (outside of Bourbon County)$50.00$61.00$111.00
Other Counties$62.00​$61.00$123.00
Border States (MO, OK, NE, CO, AR)$62.00$61.00$123.00
Other States$62.00$61.00$123.00

*Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Does not include program specific fees. 

**FSCC offers a tuition waiver for Bourbon County residents. Please visit our scholarships and tuition waivers page to learn how to apply for the waiver.

Student Fees Itemized

(Does not include program specific fees)

ItemFee Cost
Security $2.00
Student Activity Fee #1$24.00
Student Wellness Fee$2.00
Student Activity Fee #2$1.00
General Fee$7.20

Effective 2023-2024 Academic Year

Percentage of Students Attending Each FSCC Location

Fort Scott11%10%11%0%
Miami County0%16%0%0%
Crawford County0%10%1%0%
Linn County0%4%0%0%

*Reporting period 2022-2023 Academic year

**Students are often serviced in more than one location. Students are counted in each percentage at each location they are served in and therefore percentages won’t equal 100%

Students Served Overall Percentage at FSCC 

Students Residing In-District18%
Students Residing Out-of-District51%
Students Residing in Service Area49%

*Reporting period 2022-2023 Academic year

**Percentage of students residing in service area also includes In-District students.


Property Tax Revenues Collected Per Calendar Year

(% = Percentage    Inc. = Increase)

201515-16% Inc.201616-17% Inc.1717-18% Inc. 1818-19% Inc.201919-20% Inc.202020-21% Inc.202121-22% Inc.2022

NOTE 1: The numbers above mirror the amounts the College received. Information was obtained and certified by the County Clerk as distributions paid per calendar year. 

NOTE 2: The fluctuations in years 2020, 2021, and 2022 are due to overpayments and then reductions in distributions for the overpayments made.


Total Mill Levy Per Calendar Year


Scholarship Amounts Disbursed

(FY = Fiscal Year)

Institutional ScholarshipsFY 2019-20Institutional ScholarshipsFY 2020-21Institutional ScholarshipsFY 2021-22College FoundationFY 2019-20College FoundationFY 2020-21College FoundationFY 2021-22College FoundationFY 2022-23PELLFY 2019-20PELLFY 2020-21PELLFY 2021-22
$645,568$536,088$508,862 $119,808$148,826$138,094  $210,103 $2,820,791$2,303,791$2,216,391 

Athletic Scholarship Amounts Disbursed

(FY = Fiscal Year)

In-District (BBC)FY 2019-20In-District (BBC)FY 2020-21In-District (BBC)FY 2021-22In-District (BBC)FY 2022-23Out-of-DistrictFY 2019-20Out-of-DistrictFY 2020-21Out-of-DistrictFY 2021-22Out-of-DistrictFY 2022-23