Getting Started

When new FSCC students arrive on campus, they usually want to get connected to the FSCC network (Internet) quickly. We understand. That’s why we’ve put the following resources together for you.

The information presented on this page is meant to be introductory. For more comprehensive details about the various Information Technology resources on your campus, explore the rest of this site.


GIZMO is an online self-service portal that allows students to manage courses, schedules, grades, financial aid, payments, and academic or administrative holds.  For more information about GIZMO, visit our GIZMO Information page.

FSCC Email Account

Students are assigned an FSCC email account after their admissions application has been processed. You can find out your FSCC email address by logging into GIZMO; at the top of the page, your FSCC email address is listed in your personal information. For more information about FSCC email accounts, visit the Email Information page.


Blackboard is an online course system that supports supplementary learning tools in an online environment. Students can download course materials (e.g., course syllabus, supplemental readings), view course announcements, review course calendars, track grades, or participate in online discussion boards using Blackboard. For more information on Blackboard, visit our Blackboard Information page.

Internet Connection

FSCC IT maintains network systems (wired and wireless) that allows students to connect to the Internet on all campuses. For more information on network access, visit our Network Information page.

Game Consoles and Other Multimedia Devices

Many game consoles and other multimedia devices, including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and newer SmartTVs are capable of connecting to the Internet for gaming, entertainment, updates, and other purposes. Visit the Dorm Director for information about connecting these devices.