Mike Gilliland

Jim Current Year: 


The recipient of the 2008 Jim Current Award began his municipal utility career in 1974 when he was employed by the City of Osage City as a utility maintenance worker. He chose to remain in Osage City and has had the opportunity to serve in many capacities with the City. His first supervisory role was in 1980 when he was selected to serve as the Natural Gas Superintendent, and very shortly after he became the Superintendent for the Water and Wastewater Departments as well. Many duties have come and gone throughout the years including the management of the Municipal Swimming Pool; two city' owned and operated Cemeteries, and many of the City’s Public Buildings and Facilities.

He has spent the last several years as the Director of Utilities, a job which finds him busy, keeping up with the regulatory, compliance, and technical issues as well as contractual agreements and commodities purchasing for the Natural Gas and Electric Departments.

One of the many things our recipient takes a great deal of pride in, is that during these years Osage City has become a regional Water supplier, serving two RWDs and three neighboring cities. Like most of you in this industry, he maintains a busy work schedule, while still taking the time to be actively involved in municipal, state, and national utility industry trade organizations and has particularly enjoyed his involvement with the Kansas AWWA Operator training efforts over the last several years.

When I went out for the first time to teach a workshop on my own, luckily for me it was in Osage City. I got there late and he was still at work. He did everything he could, making phone calls etc. to get me a place to stay while I was in town and invited me to supper that night with his wife and him. His professionalism in our industry truly makes him deserving. This year’s Jim Current Professional Excellence Award goes to Mike Gilliland.