Placement Tests

FSCC Placement Policy


FSCC has adopted multiple placement measures to help students select the most appropriate English, Math, and Reading courses for their educational goals.


All degree-seeking students and students enrolling in English or mathematics courses must provide placement scores from a testing instrument approved by the college (ACT, SAT, ASSET, ACCUPLACER, and Compass tests) completed within two years before enrollment. Students without placement scores must take the FSCC placement test, ACCUPLACER. Students who provide high school transcripts that meet FSCC requirements are encouraged to use their cumulative high school GPA instead of placement exams. 


Students will need to take a placement test if their high school transcript or GED Test Scores are not considered valid.


Students seeking an Associate of Science or Associate of Arts degree must have a score of 21 or higher on the English and math portion of the ACT or take the ACCUPLACER test prior to enrolling in English or math classes. Students who are enrolled in a certificate or degree program in an occupational or technical program should check the program requirements and with the program director to ensure placement test requirements.


Students are enrolled in classes according to their scores.


ACCUPLACEER Next-Generation is composed of tests in three subject areas: writing, reading, and mathematics. It is NOT a pass/fail test. Student’s best effort is extremely important, as the results may determine placement in writing, reading, and mathematics courses. Students who wish to take a placement test for additional placement options are welcome to do so. The ACCUPLACER Next-Generation tests are available at the FSCC main campus in Fort Scott, Miami County Campus in Paola, or the FSCC Motorcycle Training Building in Frontenac. Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., or by appointment. All sections are untimed. However, you should allow at least 1 ½ -2 hours to complete the entire battery of tests.


Students may take the ACCUPLACER test twice for free. The third test is $5 per test or $12 for all three tests. Students may take the test up to three times per semester. No calculators are provided for the ACCUPLACER test. Some, but not all, of the math questions contain pop-up calculators for students to use in solving the problem.


How to Prepare for ACCPLACER


Sharpening your academic skills by answering sample test questions in reading, writing, and math can lead you to improve and can help boost your confidence when you take the actual tests. ACCUPLACER resources include a free webbased study app, along with sample questions for each of the sections of the test. Go to, and click on “Practice Resources.” Note: FSCC administers the “Next-Generation” version of ACCUPLACER. For information about ACCUPLACER, please contact Jodi Murrow at 620- 223-2700, ext. 4300.


Testing locations

The ACCUPLACER test can be taken at the FSCC main campus in Fort Scott, Miami County Campus in Paola, or the Pittsburg Education Center in Pittsburg. For information about other test sites, please contact Janet Fancher at 620-223-2700, ext. 3620. Testing is available during regular business hours. For large groups who wish to test, please contact FSCC Student Success Center for scheduling.


  • FSCC Student Success Center
    2108 S. Horton, Fort Scott, KS
    620-223-2700, ext. 4300
  • FSCC Harley-Davidson Tech.
    274 N Industrial Dr. Frontenac, KS
  • FSCC Miami County Campus
    501 Hospital Drive, Paola, KS



Students may take the ACCUPLACER test twice for free. the third test is $5 per test or $12 for all three tests. Students may take the test up to three times per semester.


Test length

The ACCUPLACER test is not timed, but it typically takes an hour or so, depending on the test-taker. No calculators are provided for the ACCUPLACER test. Some, but not all, of the math questions contain pop-up calculators for students to use in solving the problem.


Transferring scores

FSCC accepts scores from other colleges; tests include ACCUPLACER, Compass, ACT, SAT, and Asset. Compass scores from an exam taken at another institution can be transferred to FSCC (provided that they were taken within two years). Scores from another institution can be converted to FSCC placement levels. 


Remote testing

The ACCUPLACER test can be taken remotely at a local college or university, provided that the college has the capability for remote testing with ACCUPLACER and is an approved proctor. Remote testing requires scheduling with the FSCC Student Success Center. Some colleges/universities charge a fee for remote testing.


For more information

Please contact the Student Success Center at 620-223-2700 ext. 4300.

Placement Scores: FSCC 2019-2020

ACT-Reading & Writing

Score Class Placement
0-14 Reading & Writing Strategies I
15-17 Reading & Writing Strategies II
18-20 English Enrichment
21-> English 101


Score Class Placement
0-14 Math Skills
15-16 Elementary Algebra
17-18 Intermediate Algebra w/Review
19 Intermediate Algebra
20 College Algebra w/Review
21 College Algebra

ACT of 21 or higher in Math and English: no test is required. ACT of 24 or higher in Math, student can be placed in Trignometry, Calculus I (with high school Trignometry); otherwise Basic Calculus.

SAT-Reading & Writing

Score Class Placement
0-360 Reading & Writing Strategies I
370-420 Reading & Writing Strategies II
430 English 101


Score Class Placement
300-470 Elementary Algebra
480-520 Intermediate Algebra
560 College Algebra


ACCUPLACER-Next Generation

Reading & Sentence

Scores Class Placement
Reading Sentence  
200-236 200-216 Reading & Writing Strategies I
227-254 217-254 Reading & Writing Strategies II
255+ 236-254 English Enrichment
255+ 255+ English 101


Score Class Placement
200-223 Math Skills
224-236 Elementary Algebra
237-249 Intermediate Algebra w/Review
250-262 Intermediate Algebra 
263+ College Algebra



Reading & Writing

Score Class Placement
< 2.0 CUM Reading & Writing Strategies I
> 2.0 CUM English Enrichment
> 3.0 CUM+ English 101
> in Subject  


Score Class Placement
< 2.0 CUM Elementary Algebra
> 2.0 CUM Intermediate Algebra w/Review
> 3.0 CUM+ College Algebra
> in Subject  


GED TEST SCORES  (Must have completed a GED [Version 2014] within three years)

Reading & Writing

Score Class Placement
< 150 Average Reading & Writing Strategies I
> 150 Average English Enrichment
> 160 Average + English 101
> 160 in Subject  


Score Class Placement
< 150 Average Elementary Algebra
> 150 Average Intermediate Algebra w/Review
> 160 Average + College Algebra
> 160 in Subject  


AP Scores Chart

AP Examination Min. Score Accepted FSCC Course Equivalency Credit Hours
Art & Design: Drawing 3 ART 1013 Drawing & Composition 3
Art History 4 ART 1743 Art History I 3
Biology 3 BIO 1215 General Biology w/Lab 5
Calculus AB 3 MAT 1015 Calculus w/Analytical Geometry I  5
Calculus BC 3

MAT 1015 Calculus w/Analytical Geometry I

MAT 1025 Calculus w/Analytical Geometry

Chemistry 3 CHE 1015 General Chemistry I w/Lab 5
English Literature Composition 3 ENG 1013 English 101 3
English Literature Composition 3 ENG 1013 English 101 &
ENG 1023 English 102
English Literature Composition 3

ENG 1013 English 101 &

ENG 2293 General Literature

Environmental Science  3 BIO 1095 Environmental Life Science & Lab 5
Macroeconomics 3 ECO 2023 Macroeconomics  3
Microeconomics 3 ECO 1013 Microeconomics  3
Physics 1: Algebra-Based 4 PHS 2065 College Physics I Non-Calculus 5
Physics 2: Algebra-Based 4 PHS 2075 College Physics II Non-Calculus 5
Physics C: Mechanics 4 PHS 2015 College Physics I  5
Psychology  3 PSY 1013 General Psychology 3
Spanish Language & Culture 3 LAN 1015 Beginning Spanish 5
Statistics  3 MAT 2253 Elementary Statistics  3
US Government & Politics 3 POL 1013 American Government 3
United States History 3

HIS 1013 US History 101 &

HIS 1023 US History 102

World History: Modern 3

HIS 2013 History of Civilization I & 

HIS 2023 History of Civilization II