Meat Judging Team

Fort Scott Community College's Meat Judging Team is one of the most decorated meat judging teams in the country. Meat judging team members identify, evaluate, and place cuts of meat to determine the quality, leanness, and composition. Through the program, students learn leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills as well as proper meat storage and handling procedures.

Twelve to fifteen students participate each year on the team. All team members get the opportunity to travel and compete, but only four will have their score counted for the team at a contest. Meat judging categories include beef grading, beef judging, lamb judging, overall beef, pork judging, total placing and total reasons/questions.

Join the team

Students interested in learning more should contact Coach Jenilee Martin at (620) 223-2700 ext. 3540.


Fort Scott Community College Meat Judging Team Record
Three National Championships: 2010, 2012 and 2014.
Two National Reserve Championships: 2006 and 2013.
Twenty-six All-Americans since 2003.
Five top two finishes in 2014; six in 2013; and five in 2012.