Student Services

Resident Tuition Classification

Residency for tuition and fee purposes at Fort Scott Community College is governed by Kansas law. Adults enrolling at FSCC who have not been residents of the state of Kansas for six continuous months prior to enrollment for any term or session are non-residents for fee purposes. Minors’ residency is determined by the parents’ residency status.

The responsibility of enrolling under proper residence classification for fee purposes is placed on the student. Tuition rates differ for Kansas and out-of-state residents.

Exit Exam

Fort Scott Community College requires that all graduates complete an exit exam one week prior to the end of the semester. These exams help FSCC monitor and improve academic achievement. Students who are receiving an Associate of Applied Science Degree should complete the WorkKeys assessment.

Petition to Graduate

All students must petition to graduate during the semester of graduation by completing a Petition to Graduate form; download the form here or get a copy from the Registrar's Office. Students must meet with their advisor, complete a degree audit, and turn in the petition to graduate form to the Registrar.  Then students must pay the appropriate graduation fees and take the appropriate exit exam.


Transcript Information

Request Official Transcript

Electronic Physical


A transcript is a certified, official copy of a student’s permanent academic record. It contains confidential information and cannot be released to anyone without the student’s written permission and signature. Students may obtain unofficial transcripts online through their GIZMO account.

Dining Services

FSCC Cafeteria is open to students, faculty, and staff. It features a number of exciting additions to traditional cafeteria fare, including festive meals, monthly premium specials, and final exam snacks. Sick tray service, physician planned meals, and vegetarian meals are also available upon request.


Qualified Admissions

Qualified Admissions Checklist

1.  Apply to FSCC

2.  Send transcripts to FSCC Registrar

  A.  High School Transcripts – fax to (620)223-4927

  B.  College Transcripts – mail official copy

  C.  GED – mail with scores


3.  Fill out FAFSA

  A.  For questions or more info call FSCC Financial Aid at 1-800-874-3722

  B.  School code is 001916

  C.  If you have question or would like more information about funds for college go to:


4.  Compass test

Student Athletes

In order to maintain eligibility and academic progress, all FSCC student-athletes are required to meet with their respective coaches and FSCC advisor to plan their academic schedules. This helps prevent issues that could result in ineligibility and to ensure that the athletic and academic goals of the individual are met.



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