** Fall Enrollment will open at 1:00pm, Tuesday, April 21. Students can schedule an appointment for enrollment with Advising at 620-223-2700 ext. 3630.

FSCC Truck Driving Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is financial aid available through the school? There is no financial aid available through the school. Check with various state agencies in your home state for programs to assist you in paying the tuition. In KS you can check with Heartland Works, Kansas Works, VA, SRS and Voc-Rehab. Other states have similar programs, check with your nearest state employment office. Call us with your funding questions.
  2. Is housing available? Cost? Housing is available only at the Ft. Scott location. The cost is $450.00 for all 6 weeks. This is based on multiple occupancy, meaning that you will share an apartment with another trucking student.
  3. What are the accommodations? Each apartment has a refrigerator, stove, microwave and coffeepot. There is cable TV. Each apartment has 3 twin beds and bed linens are furnished.
  4. When can I check in at Ft. Scott? You can check in the day before class starts. Please check in at 4 PM.
  5. Total cost of the program? The cost of the program will depend on the state of residence. The following examples are for those attending the Ft. Scott Campus Only:
    For cost information on our Emporia classes, click here.
    Kansas Resident     Missouri Resident  
    Tuition $2,997.00   Tuition $3,445.00
    CDL A Permit $13.00   CDL A Permit $32.50
    CDL A License $29.00   CDL A License $70.00
    D.O.T. Physical $85.00   D.O.T. Physical $85.00
    TOTAL = $3,124.00   TOTAL = $3,632.50
    Housing (if needed) $450.00   Housing (if needed) $450.00
    TOTAL = $3,574.00   TOTAL = $4,082.50
    *80 Meal Plan $300.00   *80 Meal Plan $300.00
    TOTAL $3,874.00   TOTAL $4,382.50
    * Optional
  6. Meals? Meals can be purchased in the cafeteria at Ft. Scott.
  7. What are the hours?

    In Ft. Scott the hours are from 7:00 AM- 5:00 PM, Mon-Fri

    In Paola the hours are from 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Mon-Fri

    In certain circumstances you may also attend either of our locations over an 12- week period. You can attend 4 hours in the morning or 4 hours in the afternoon for 12 weeks. You must be able to qualify for this.

  8. Do I need to have my permit before class starts? Yes.
  9. What about job placement? About 96% of our graduates are hired directly out of the school. If you have a special situation such as a felony conviction or DUI within 5 years, please call us so that we may assist you in evaluating trucking as a career choice.
  10. Will trucking company recruiters come to the campus? During the class various recruiters will visit the class. However, we cannot predict who will come as the companies schedule their visits based upon their need for drivers. We have brochures from many companies and will assist in finding the right company for you. We will furnish you Internet access so that you can do job searches and post resumes on-line.
  11. How many students per driving instructor? As a general rule each instructor will have 3 students or less per truck.
  12. Do I need to take the D.O.T. physical before class? You do not need to take the physical prior to attending. The Ft. Scott location charges $85.00, the Paola location charges $85.00. If you can get the physical cheaper from your own physician please feel free to do so. Do not take a drug screen on your own. The drug screen is included in the tuition cost and will be administered by the school.
  13. Regarding CDL Permits and Out-of-State Licenses The State of Kansas requires all students to obtain a CDL instruction permit. These permits cost $13.00. The CDL study manual can be obtained from your local Driver’s License Examining Bureau. Missouri students are not required to transfer their license to Kansas. You will be taken to the state of Missouri at the end of classes for your skills tests.

If you do not have a valid Kansas or Missouri license, please call the FSCC Transportation Department at 1-800-874-3722 (ask for Transportation Dept.) for licensing information.

Fort Scott Truck Driving School Locations:

Fort Scott Community College
2108 S. Horton
Ft. Scott, KS 66701
1-800-874-3722 ext. 5388
FAX (620) 223-4927
E-Mail: robm@fortscott.edu

Miami County Campus
501 S. Hospital Drive
Paola, KS 66071
ext. 5388
ext. 5386

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