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FSCC Philosophy

The word "philosophy" comes from a Greek word that means “love of wisdom” or “pursuit of truth.” Philosophy is about the big questions concerning meaning, knowledge, truth, beauty, morality, justice, human freedom, and the nature of the mind. These questions must be examined by members of every generation while attending to their unique beliefs, culture, and historical circumstances. Answers to many of these questions have shaped our laws, governments, and religions. The conclusions we reach structure the way we think about the world and the expectations we have of it. Studying philosophy results in the ability to understand and think critically and ethically about complex issues. Studying philosophy empowers individuals to find or produce reasoned, creative solutions and truths regarding the problems we face. This personal growth enables us to act in more informed, consistent, and principled ways.

Philosophy is, thus, extremely practical. It is essential to developing integrity and learning to live well; to the universal search for meaning. Philosophy students develop skills that serve them every day.

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