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FSCC Assessment Procedures

Written Communication Rubric

Criteria – Area of Competence Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Purpose No stated thesis or thesis may not relate to the assignment. Thesis is vague, may indulge in the trite, the obvious, the redundant, but provides a plausible response to the assignment. Thesis is clear, but has a tendency toward the obvious and may lack substance. Provides a coherent response to the assignment. Provides a clear thesis, a coherent response with substance, and reflects confidence and careful thought.
Relevance General statements lack support, detail, and development. Student uses repetition instead of supporting detail. A few general statements are supported. Some details are irrelevant, and some inappropriate repetition present. Paper is short and somewhat underdeveloped. Most general statements are supported. May be uneven support among paragraphs. General statements are fully supported, developed, and illustrated by relevant detail.
Organization Paper has little or no apparent sense of organization. The organization of the paper is excessively formulaic, “Now I am going to tell you about….” And contains lapses in organization. The organization of the paper may be somewhat simplistic, but contains no lapses in organization. The organization of the paper is well defined and consistent with a sense of purpose.
Mechanics The paper has serious problems with mechanics (punctuation, spelling, usage, agreement, sentence structure and inflection), making it difficult to comprehend. Common mechanical errors in may hinder or interfere with reader comprehension. Errors in mechanics may exist, but are not a hindrance to comprehension. Minimal errors or no errors in mechanics. Sentence structure is complex and varied.
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