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FSCC Assessment Procedures

Fort Scott Community College assesses course-specific competencies as well as college-wide abilities.

Course-Specific Competencies: Instructors in each subject area develop common competencies for courses (in conjunction with the Kansas Core Outcomes Project) and develop a common rubric for assessing the competencies. Each instructor uses his/her own assessment instrument (i.e., tests, projects, papers, etc.) with the common rubric. Data are compiled and returned to the instructors who use data trends to improve courses.

Benefit to the student: Assessing course-specific competencies ensures that students are getting all that they need out of the course to be successful in subsequent courses. Also, because course competencies are tied to the statewide Core Outcomes Project, ensuring that students are meeting those competencies helps students to transfer to other institutions and earn better grades.

College-Wide Abilities

The Assessment Team identified seven areas of knowledge/skills that they believed all students earning a degree from FSCC should possess:

The Team developed a set of rubrics (click on the above to access those rubrics) to assess each ability. Faculty used the rubrics to assess College-Wide Abilities in their own classes. The Assessment Team then validated the rubrics and revised as necessary based on faculty input. Currently, the College-Wide Abilities are assessed in individual courses. By Fall 2012, the assessments will take place in the Greyhound Capstone Course that will allow students to integrate learning into a single project. Data are used to improve the broad FSCC curriculum.

Benefit to the student: Because FSCC assesses the broad skills that impact not just education but also employments, students can have confidence that they have the skills to succeed whether they are transferring or entering the workplace. Also, when the Greyhound Capstone Course is implemented, students will have the opportunity to learn life-skills such as resume development and interviewing that will help them in every endeavor.

Exit Exam

FSCC requires all students earning an associate’s degree to take the WorkKeys exam. The results of the exam are used to evaluate and improve curriculum. By Fall 2012, the WorkKeys exam will be given in the Greyhound Capstone Course.

Benefit to the student: The WorkKeys exam is a standard test developed by ACT; it is widely recognized and used by employers to determine whether employees meet the standards necessary for a given job. Thus, students will be able to use the WorkKeys certificates earned to show employability.

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