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FSCC Endowment Association


Our Mission: The purpose of the Endowment Association is to facilitate and encourage gifts to Fort Scott Community College in support of the college mission. It is private support that provides the margin of excellence in college programs.

Established in 1975, the Endowment Association functions as a non-profit, educational corporation. From modest beginnings, the Endowment Association, under the direction of a board of directors, now provides significant assistance to the college in the form of scholarships. In addition, at the request of a donor, gifts may be used for special projects.

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, today the Endowment Fund is more than $6 million. Greater support has been received through the planned giving program. Because of contributions to the Endowment Association, Fort Scott Community College will remain a vibrant, responsive, full-service institution, fully capable of fulfilling its mission.

Ottis Allen   Barbara Stuart
649 Marblecrest Terr.   1009 Osbun
Fort Scott, KS 66701   Fort Scott, KS 66701
620-223-4197   620-223-2588
Term: 2008-2012   Term:2009-2013*
Katie Casper (President)   Lisa Ward (Vice-President)
719 S. Wilson   P.O. Box 84
Fort Scott, KS 66701   Fort Scott, KS 66701
620-224-6585   620-223-6860
Term: 2010-2012   Term:2007-2011*
Richard Goldston   Marcel Normand (Ex-Officio Member,
1201 S. Burke Street   Alumni & Friends Board)
Fort Scott, KS 66701   Box 617, Arma, KS 66712
620-223-0404   620-347-8563
Term: 2010-2012    
    Gary Palmer (Ex-Officio Member, Director of
Dick Hedges   Development, FSCC), FSCC campus mail; ext. 5830
1102 S. Horton    
Fort Scott, KS 66701   Clayton Tatro (Ex-Officio Member, President,
620-223-3664   FSCC), FSCC campus mail; ext. 5200
Term: 2007-2011*    
    Robert Nelson (Ex-Officio Member
Margaret Humphrey   President, Alumni & Friends Board, FSCC)
1024 S. Burke Street   216 N. Lincoln, Fort Scott, KS 66701
Fort Scott, KS 66701   620-223-5488
Term: 2010-2012   Jim Sather (Ex-Officio Member, FSCC
    Board of Trustees Chairman)
Matt Noll (Secretary)    
946 Maple Road  
Uniontown, KS 66779    
620-756-4603   Jill Warford (Ex-Officio Member,
Term: 2009-2013*   Director of the Gordon Parks Ctr., FSCC)
    FSCC campus mail; ext. 5850
Gary Rylander    
1287 245th St.   Jennifer Quick (Ex-Officio Member,
Fort Scott, KS 66701   Endowment Accts. Mgr., FSCC)
620-223-6304   FSCC campus mail; ext. 5202
Term: 2006-2010    
*2nd Term   FSCC Address:2108 S. Horton, Fort Scott, KS 66701
According to the By-Laws, election of board  
members occurs at the annual meeting in  
May, & officers are also elected annually.  
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