Fine Arts


Fort Scott Community College is a great place to begin your path towards a bachelors degree in communication. A degree in communication is one of the most popular and versatile degrees on a college campus. It provide individual swith essential skills crucial in a number of professional fields. Communication skills are often the #1 skill employers are looking for.


The music curriculum at Fort Scott Community College provides the student planning to major in music with the general education courses and specialized music study for continued post-secondary training in music education, performance, theory, and composition. Students planning to transfer to a four-year school should check that school's course requirements. Students should consult with counselors in planning specific courses.


English and Literature

In today's information-based society, reading comprehension and writing skills are essential for everyone. The English program offers a rich and varied education in these vital areas of literacy, serving the individual student, the academic community and society at large.



Fort Scott Community College offers classes for students interested in art as a career or as a hobby. Studies in art may lead to a four-year degree program or to employment in commercial art. 


Suggested curriculum for art


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