Associate of Arts


Psychology is the study of behavior and the mental processes. Coursework in psychology is useful in life and in pursuing a variety of careers in mental health, human resources, management, employee recruitment and selection, public relations, community relations, marketing, advertising, program development, case management, substance abuse services, and other human service areas. At FSCC, the students are introduced to the discipline through the core psychology courses of general, developmental psychology, and other courses.


Political Science

A political science emphasis helps students understand the United States system of government and others in light of their historical organization and the political experience of citizens. An informed citizenry makes better citizens who are in a position to make informed choices.


The music curriculum at Fort Scott Community College provides the student planning to major in music with the general education courses and specialized music study for continued post-secondary training in music education, performance, theory, and composition. Students planning to transfer to a four-year school should check that school's course requirements. Students should consult with counselors in planning specific courses.


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