FSCC Student Voice

FSCC Student Voice is a student organization that actively engages Fort Scott Community College (FSCC) students in discussion and action related to campus life, leadership, and service. Students will participate in surveys, interviews, and public forums/discussion; research possible solutions; and plan and execute activities.

All students are invited to attend group meetings and participate in the activities. In addition, there will be scholarship opportunities for those interesting in being involved in leadership (see below).

For more information, contact Clayton Whitson at 620-223-2700, ext. 3260 or claytonw@fortscott.edu.

Focus Areas

  1. Campus Life: The group will discuss campus issues, gather opinions, and plan activities to promote and build campus life at FSCC.
  2. Leadership: (required for those on scholarship) A portion of the meeting time will be dedicated to personal leadership development. There will be numerous opportunities for students to step into leadership positions.
  3. Service: As students look for ways to positively impact student life, there will be some effort that goes into making that happen. The group will participate in campus project as well as community service projects over the course of the year.


The group will meet twice a month for discussion and planning. These meetings will last approximately 2 hours. Any business not finished during these meetings will be finished in a committee.

Scholarship Opportunity - Full Tuition & Books (up to 15 hours, not including fees)

Students who would like to be considered part of the leadership and receive a scholarship: please read the requirements carefully. Scholarship applicants will go through an interview process before being awarded scholarship. A more detailed written application may be asked for at a later time.

  1. Complete the Scholarship Application found on GIZMO.

  2. Attend all organizational meetings (students are allowed 2 excused absences, then the scholarship award will go under review).

  3. Take part in leading meetings and discussion (with a team on a rotation basis).

  4. Participate in research and planning committees.

  5. Remain in good standing with FSCC (including financial accounts, classroom attendance, passing grades, and representing FSCC in a positive manner in the community).

  6. Obtain a minimum of 15 service hours per month (meetings count towards this total).

  7. Participate in other responsibilities as needed.